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「臺東國際工藝設計交換計畫」透過不同文化與環境刺激,促進國際與在地社區工藝文化合作,提供臺東與國際工藝師、藝術家、設計師或文創新秀以交換他國駐村交流的方式,學習工坊技藝並體驗本地文化 。


TCC 2018


想要學習不一樣的工藝經驗?想要體驗更深入的東岸文化?文化工藝智慧與外面世界的設計潮流一樣美好動人,工藝師們將材料與器具都準備好了 !



活動洽詢:089-343295 / 0928-729377



2018 Taitung International Cultural and Creative Competition for Youth” and “Aboriginal Cultural and Creative Contest


Do you want to have a variety of different experiences? Do you wish to know better the east-coast culture? The wisdom of cultural crafts is as inviting as the design trends in the outside world. Here the craftsmen have prepared all materials and equipment!

We hereby recruit youths from nationwide colleges and universities to join camp workshops provided by craft studios in Taitung from 18 July to 27 July of 2018. The students will be able tonot only learn local crafts, but also to experience the warm tribal culture of the east coast and passions of local craftsmen. It is expected that, with the creativity and innovative designs of youths, and their understanding towards used materials and local culture, traditional arts and crafts will be extended and be seen. The aesthetics of the region will also be exchanged with the outside world with even more diverse and wider perspectives.

We welcome you to come to Taitung. With your abundant creativity and crafts provided by local studios, you will be amazed at this wonderful journey of traditional crafts and contemporary designs.


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